Spotted: Tiffany Dawson in Giuseepi Zanotti

February 15th, 2014


Hey Glammies: I was REALLY excited more than ever to attend NYFW because as many of you know, I am in the cast of the number one Broadway Show THE LION KING!
Rehearsals and performances are demanding which makes it difficult to deviate from my high pace weekly schedule!
I wasn’t even going to ask for permission as I believed the producers would laugh in my face…..BUTTTTTT, not only did I muster up the courage to ask, BUT I got a resounding YES complete with discount and FREE tickets to give away for the show!!!!
I nearly FAINTED when I got the email!!!! Anyway…I strutted my stuff in a look that was simple but chic. I also rocked my Giuseppi Zanotti Black Suede platform pumps with black tights! Take a look and Be inspired to LIVE LIVE LIVE!


More Deets:
Leather Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Black & White Stripe Skirt: Zara
Turtle Neck Sweater: H&M
Accessories: Glam-Luxe

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February 14th, 2014


Hey Glammies; I was so happy to get the day of from Broadway, to attend NYFW! We got to experience the Michael Kors Collection, Nanette Lapore, Kaufman Franco, and for the FIRST TIME EVER THE BETSEY JOHNSON RUNWAY SHOW!!!!
In addition to that we had a TON of fun together, we saw some of our fashion and blogger buddies, fans of this blog, met new friends, did ALOT of networking I gave away discount tickets and a few free passes to see The Lion King on Broadway!!!! , and we did a fun interview with TV Fashion Stylist and personality ROBERT VERDI!!! So GLAMAZING!!!!!
Check out the pics from our NEW YORK FASHION FUN TIME!!!! Enjoy and Be Inspired to LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!



We were recognized by a fan, she was so giddy and excited to meet us. We gave her 2 FREE TICKETS to see THE LION KING!!!! She nearly fainted! Made our day!

Fun Frolicking at Lincoln Center!

Ran into one of our FAVORITE style bloggers at the Kaufman Franco show ALEXANDER LIANG

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Dreams of Spring…

February 14th, 2014


Hey Glammies; As you know New York Fashion Week just came to a close today and we were excited to be on the scene yesturday! Amber’s outfit of the day was “fun, ladylike and oh so chic” at least that’s what Ty Hunter, (Beyoncés Fashion Stylist) told her yesturday!!! (More on that later)
Amber said she called the outfit “Dreams of Spring With winter white reality”!!!! I absolutely adored that because it was SO FITTING due to the NYC weather lol.
Here’s a look at it. Be inspired, and while your enduring all of this east coast snow, DREAM OF SPRING!!!




Dress: Zara
Coat: Christian Dior
Accessories: Glam-Luxe
Photography By: LEANDRA BROWN

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New Segment: INSPIRED BY…

January 16th, 2014



Hey Glammies;
Look for my All New “Inspired By” posts! Where I will style a fashion or beauty look for MYSELF that I will wear and post to my blog and social media sites that have inspired me from MEDIA HAPPENINGS and POP CULTURE!
This is a great opportunity for me to keep my creativity SHARP and CURRENT while keeping up with what’s trending and what’s HOTT!!!
Due to my current weight loss venture I wanted to come up with a creative way to give accountability!!!
This will also serve as a STYLE JOURNAL and encouragement for myself and others who follow me to stay ON COURSE!!!
I’m excited about this new segment!
My first installment is this Chic Look I put together INSPIRED BY SOPHIA VERGARA’S flawless Red Carpet look from the 2014 Golden Globes. Her look was fresh, flawless, and sexy!
I will wear my version of this look on Friday to an important meeting…
Stay with me on my “Inspired By…” Tiffany’s Beauty and Style Journal: as I’m losing weight even MORE and ROCKING LOOKS THAT ALLURE…
Remember my only 2 rules for myself are.
1. Must be inspired by something relevant in Pop Culture! (This way I cannot pre-plan the month or year out…This will keep me current and on top of style trends and looks)
2. I must wear the look and post it to my blog and social media sites!
Feel free to challenge YOUR OWN style and beauty with FRESH 2014 looks by beginning YOUR OWN “Inspired by 2014 Style Journal” If you are new to fashion and beauty blogging and on a weight loss journey!!! This will serve as a FANTASTIC accountability journal WHILE KEEPING YOU RELEVANT AND STYLISH at the same time!!! Can’t wait to see you WERRRK your 2014 Style and Creativity!!!!
xoxo Tiffany




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STYLE FILE: Amber’s Stars and Stripes NYE

January 1st, 2014


Hey Glammies: I was working a crowd at a private event last night in NYC, while Amber WORKED THE ROOM in a GLAMTASTIC sequin black and silver stripped dress paired with black Christian Louboutin pumps! Here’s a few pix from her fun glam NEW YEARS EVE OOTN!!! Enjoy!



Accessories – Glam-Luxe
Nail Polish – SuperStar Nail Lacquer

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Our Glam Vision: SUCCESS

January 1st, 2014


Hey Glammies: I can’t help but reflect on our amazing accomplishments of 2013…In 2012 when I wrote my goals in my Dream Journal I had NO IDEA, I would EXCEED ALL my goals…As a success driven person I am always pushing my limits, and realizing LIFE IS LIMITLESS!!!
Here’s a list of a few MAJOR visions that manifested in our lives in 2013.

1. Work with more Fortune 500 Companies and Global Brands! -in 2013 we were able to develop a closer relationship to our Sponsor Barbie, Keebler, Apple, and I’ve done a ton of Hosting for companies like ESPN, the NFL, Gucci, Tiffany & Co. and even Politics.

2. Clear at least $100k in Jewelry Sales-We were able to meet and exceed this goal. I had the opportunity of meeting the CEO of a mall corporation who hired me to perform at a private event. In addition to the payment I received for my services, I was able to strike a deal to have a Jewelry Kiosk set up in the Mall RENT FREE for the ENTIRE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!! This was major for us! Black Friday alone pushed our sales over the top! I cannot stress enough about the importance of NETWORKING!!!

3. BROADWAY!!!!- Yes, I’m BACK ON BROADWAY in the #1 Tony Award Winning Musical THE LION KING!

4. Work with a major publication- This year we are now Lucky Magazine Contributors, with published articles on

5. Work with Major Artists- Even though I’ve done background vocals for so many in the past I was excited got to do backing vocals for PITBULL this has given us a whole new generation of a younger audience! After blogging and posting to social networks about my experience with PITBULL I received a ton of emails and response from readers in their teens and early 20′s

As you can see we had a prosperous year, and we’re looking forward to meeting and exceeding our goals for 2014 HAVE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!

Here’s a short video of the PHENOMENAL ACHIEVEMENTS, ADVENTURES, and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of 2013. I hope they can serve as an INSPIRATION GUIDE for YOU as you plan your 2014.

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Tiffany’s New Years Eve Survival Kit!

December 28th, 2013


Hey Glammies: I hope the holidays are going Great for you! Ours was AMAZING, full of family, great gifts, lots of food, and FUN!!!
As we are in the LAST weekend of the year many of us are reflecting and planning our 2014. In addition to our short and long term goals, FASHIONISTAS are planning our LAST NIGHT OF THE YEAR OUTFIT…and we know we’re going to be ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS in dresses that sparkle, Loubies, Guiseppes, Gucci’s and the like…
In today’s post I want to remind you of a few small items you DON’T WANT TO FORGET!!! Yes, it’s my NEW YEARS EVE SURVIVAL KIT!
Believe me girls, these are items that you will WISH you had should there be any little mishaps! Are you ready? Here we go!
1. Mula Baby!!! Always make sure you have enough CASH (even if you have your credit card with you) The friends you rode with may want to hit another event, but YOU may be done for the night…Always have enough money to GET HOME!!! Stopping at an ATM in your short dress and high heels at 4am Ummm, NOT the best idea lol.

2. Portable iPhone Charger- Cuz sometimes there’s just NOWHERE to plug-in!!!!

3.Hermes Fragrance Purse Spray-Because you’re FABULOUS and it fits an even the smallest YSL Clutch!

4.Altoids (smalls) Goes without saying! A Fashionistas BREATH is ALWAYS ON POINT!!!

5.Long Wear Lipstick-Because you want the color to stay on you lips for hours…Not all over his collar!

6. Foldable Flats- After 4 hours of NON-STOP FUN in 9inch Stillettos! As you approach the car to head home, you’ll be GLAD you have them…and they fit so nicely in ANY purse!

7. Nail File- In the event of a nail break in the midst of the fun, just smooth it out real quick in the ladies room and get back to the fun!!!!


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Working with PITBULL!

December 27th, 2013


Hey Glammies: Many of you are aware of my experience with singing from my posts…I’ve been fortunate to sing background vocals for MANY well known Grammy Award winning vocalists like Patti LaBelle, Denise Williams, the late Aaliyah and MANY MANY more!
Last weekend I was elated to have the opportunity to back up yet another important artist! The one and only PITBULL!
I was invited to host a great event sponsored by ESPN and the NFL which honored a few great players and coaches! This event CHANGED MY LIFE in SOOOO MANY WAYS…(Including my LOVE LIFE) Details on that in a soon to come post! …The special SURPRISE musical guest for this AMAZING private event was PITBULL! We were asked to back him up on the 4 song medley he performed onstage, and IT WAS AWESOME! We killed it!!!! PITBULL was SO happy with us! I’m looking forward to working with him again in a few upcoming 2014 performances.
Check out a few pics from this Super Fun gig!

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Bravo’s Courtney Loves Dallas

December 27th, 2013


Hey Glammies: Have you checked out Bravo’s Courtney Loves Dallas?
We are hooked!!!! If you are into fashion or are a fashion blogger you will absolutely love it!!!
While watching episode 2 the other day I could totally relate to so much of it!
Fashion Blogger Courtney Kerr headed to New York Fashion Week. She attended a few shows, then had meetings with a few brands. We were actually in NYC during the taping of this episode of her show.
We saw cameras following her, but wasn’t aware of who she was at the time. WE ARE HUGE FANS NOW!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a blogger who gets invited to New York Fashion Week so relating to her lifestyle is definitely our cup of tea!!!! Click here to check out her blog And if YOU are a blogger, you WILL relate to this show. Thank you Andy Cohen for a GREAT SHOW!!!!!




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December 26th, 2013


Hey Glammies: Just like the rest of America, we are hooked on the D.C.–based show SCANDAL which centers around White House drama and political intrigue! The reason for this addiction? Of course, we nearly fainted at the season finale… But for us, another big draw is Olivia Pope’s work wardrobe, carefully created by costume designer Lyn Paolo and worn well by Kerry Washington, Now that the winter chill is here more than a few of us are tuning in to Pope’s coat closet for inspiration.
We can’t wait to see how next season fashions will be incorporated into OUR OWN WARDROBES!!! Check out how I “OLIVIA POPE’D” MY ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Yes, even Kayla my 12 year old, and Josh my fashionable 10 year old! Enjoy these looks from Christmas Eve!

Amber’s coat, pants, and sweater are by Christian Dior purchased at Bergdorf’s NYC

12 year old Kayla was so excited to get her fabulous Dior Winter White Cashmere Ensemble also Dior from Bergdorf’s (Can’t believe that Kayla now wears an ADULT size 7) Wow

Even “Mr. Personality” my son Josh rocked the Male version of the POPE LOOK! His Cashmere coat by Ralph Lauren, Sweater and Cream Jeans also by Ralph Lauren (I accented Josh and Kayla’s coats with chic Burberry Scarves also from Bergdorf’s

In the words of Kevin Hart “MY FAMILY LOOKS GOOD AS A UNIT” lol


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